Indian Railways unlocking

Indian Railways is the lifeline of our nation. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realize this proverb again.

The national transporter worked tirelessly during lockdown so that the essential commodities as food grains, milk, vegetables reach every household. Not only this, the power requirements of coal, oil were met during lockdown.

The Indian Railways and fraternity of workforce deserve a great applause for such marvelous feet under strenuous situations.

The plight of migrant labourers was well taken care of by the national transporter. It has run almost 4000 trains and transported nearly 60 lakhs migrants from one state to another.

This was carried out by fulfilling all the precautions and nitty-gritty of social distancing and norms of the pandemic.

Now that the lockdown has been lifted and limited to containment zones only, the great Indian Railways has started unlocking. From 12th May, it was running 15 pairs of Rajdhani special trains and from 1st June, 200 trains have started running.

It was such meticulous planning that unlocking was carried out in a phased manner.

Now the Chairman Railway board has confirmed that Satabdi trains will also start running.

In total, the unlocking of this country has been well taken care of by Indian Railways and its entire fleet of employees and officers deserve applause.

Though they have faced hardships in the form of railwaymen catching the virus. However, this didn’t deter them from delivering their duties. We should all pay tribute to Indian Railways and its railwaymen. Long live Indian Railways